27 June 2014

Google I/O 2014 - Quick Bits

Another year another Google I/O. I have to say I was very disappointed not to go this year, especially after hearing that the attendees got to pick an Android Wear watch to take home, but also will be receive the Motorola 360 when it becomes available this Autumn.

This post is to give you links to some of the important parts of the Google I/O this year, most that were mentioned in the Keynote.

Keynote: It's 3 hrs long but reveals some great insight into the eco-system Google are building.

Android L: The new Android version. New notifications, new design paradigms, 5000 new API's.
Keynote part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMF6JIGhsH8
What's new in Android: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TtVsy98ces

Material Design: About 13 mins into the Keynote. New flat designs paradigm. Looks really nice, anyone with an interest in UI will love this.

Polymer: Web development tool to make it easier to build applications. Uses material design.

Android Wear: 49 mins into the keynote. The most exciting part for me. The keynote really showed off the power of these devices.
Also they are available in Ireland: https://play.google.com/store/devices/collection/promotion_500013a_android_wear_ie?hl=en-GB

Android Auto: 1hr 5 mins into keynote. Takes control of you car screen (if you have one). Music, calls, mapping etc controlled with voice or your steering wheel controls.

Android TV: 1hr 16 into keynote. Android takes over your TV with Google Play Movies and Music. Don't worry you can still have Netflix there. Also allows you to play games, and you can cast from your devices.

Chromecast Updates: 1hr 28 into keynote. One of the best purchases I made was my Chromecast. I am delighted to see it is still being improved even with the development of Android TV. It will now be able to allow users to cast without connecting to the wifi, allow cast of entire device screen so any app can be on screen. Also allows you to choose photos for it to cycle through when not casting.

Chromebooks: 1hr 38 into keynote. Chromebooks will now sync better with your phone, showing notifications and will allow apps on your phone to be used on the laptop

There is of course lots more to see on the Google I/O site.

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